Social responsibility in public procurement

Funding: ProcSIBE (Formas)

Project duration: 2015-2016

Project description:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of increasing importance in both the private as well as the public sector. CSR is the commitment of organizations to contribute to a more sustainable economic development and reduce the organizations impact on society and environment. Further CSR implies an ethical approach to organizational activities and a balance between short-term financial results and long-term societal good. EU has defined socially responsible public procurement as procurement operations that take into account social considerations such as employment opportunities, decent work conditions, social inclusion, equal opportunities, accessibility, and ethical trade issues. Further, the issues about CSR perspectives are mentioned. A survey has been conducted to obtain knowledge about how municipal housing companies in Sweden address social responsibility in their procurement process.

Participants and contact:

Project leader: Stefan Olander, Lund University


Participating universities