Social procurement in construction – employment-creating requirements

Funding: ProcSIBE (Formas), Chalmers University of Technology

Project duration: 2015-202

Project description:

In Sweden, it is increasingly common that both public and private construction clients include community benefit clauses in the form of employment-creating requirements when procuring contractors and consultants. A variety of models are used by different clients throughout the country. There are several objectives driving this development: social responsibility and benefit for society as well as for real estate owners. Also, there is a shortage of labour in the construction industry, and suppliers see employment requirements as a way to broaden their recruitment strategy.

This PhD project aims to provide an overview and deeper understanding of the development and its implications for companies and public authorities in the construction sector. How do these organizations meet this new task? Which are the influential actors and which changes can be observed in policies, roles, knowledge and management? How do practices develop over time following from experiences? The research project is based on interviews with key actors and case studies of building projects.

Participants and contact:

PhD student: Daniella Petersen

Project leader and main supervisor: Pernilla Gluch, Chalmers

Other participants: Anna Kadefors, KTH/Chalmers, assistant supervisor


Participating universities