Follow-up of foreign suppliers in transport infrastructure projects

Funding: Swedish Transport Administration
Project duration: 2017

Project description:
In order to increase competition and also innovation and productivity in Trafikverket’s procurement, the Swedish Transport Administration needs to attract more foreign suppliers. For five years, the Swedish Transport Administration has worked systematically on this issue and is now seeing several results that foreign suppliers will win a contract with the Swedish Transport Administration.
In order to further improve their work, the Swedish Transport Agency now needs to explore how to make the good deal even with foreign suppliers. Necessary is now the follow-up of completed projects as inputs for the continued work of developing and retaining foreign suppliers.
In order to understand the difficulties and opportunities encountered by the foreign suppliers in the Swedish market, case studies are required of a number of selected investment projects in which foreign suppliers were responsible for knowing what to do more and what to do less.

The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge about how the work of reducing entry barriers for foreign suppliers should be designed and applied in projects in which the Swedish Transport Administration wishes to attract more foreign suppliers.

Research methods:
The studies will primarily be conducted using qualitative methods with documentary studies and interviews as the two most important data collection methods. Interviews with representatives from clients and contractors have been conducted to get an overall picture of the current situation.


Project leader: Per Erik Eriksson, Luleå University of Technology
Johan Larsson, Luleå University of Technology
Anna-Therése Järvenpää, Luleå University of Technology (PhD student)

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