About ProcSIBE

Procurement is a key driver for innovation in construction, but can also be an obstacle to development. A problem is that traditional procurement with focus on lowest price is still the most common, although new objectives for economic, ecological and social sustainability often require more flexible and innovation friendly models.

ProcSIBE (Procurement for Sustainable Innovation in the Built Environment) is a well-established strong multidisciplinary research and development network within procurement in the field of construction, both public and private. An important purpose is to create a national arena where researchers collaborate with industry and other organisations to jointly develop new approaches and new knowledge within construction procurement.

The foundation for the platform is the cooperation organization Swedish Building University, which includes the four major technical universities. In addition, researchers in law sociology and political science are also participating. Multidisciplinary cooperation provides the opportunity to challenge common beliefs about the relationship between policies, practices and effects of procurement. Research cooperation also creates a foundation for international cooperation and exchanges.

Cooperation will be established with existing local networks within the participating universities. This important collaboration with local networks will be conducted within studies, seminars and more. The research network is also an vital base for researchers that like to initiate further research and innovation projects by seeking funding from other funding agencies.

Participating universities